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26–27 NOV. 2020

Fees & Registration

Due to the current Covid19 situation, the URP2020 Conference cannot be hosted as originally foreseen an in-person event with 300+ participants. Instead, our hybrid approach attempts to combine the best of a restricted physical meeting (from the conference hub in Leipzig, Germany, the moderation, plenum session and a restricted number of sessions will be broadcasted) and wider online interaction and event facilitation opportunities fostered through a conference app.

You are invited to register for the online participation of the event to have full access to the content of the Mobile Event App, including all presentations and sessions. Physical participation in Leipzig, Germany is restricted to keynotes and organisers.

Comprehensive access to all conference contents and material is available for all registered participants. Beyond, some keynote talks will be streamed for free. Registered participants will have full access to all sessions and resources (background papers, bios, posters, program details) and various engagement and interaction opportunities.

Payment procedure

The conference fee for online participation:

€ 80

(early bird was € 60 until 30 September 2020)

We are looking forward to meeting you in person or virtually at URP2020!


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