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26–27 NOV. 2020

Special Issues

Special Issue “Urban-Rural-Partnerships: Sustainable and Resilient” at MDPI Land

  • Welcomes English contributions
  • Scope and Keywords:
    • We cordially invite the submission of original contributions dealing with interactions in regional systems, particularly between urban and rural actors, institutions and projects to tackle great societal challenges. These include topics such as equitable and healthy living conditions, climate change and extreme events, pandemic crises, digitalization, circular economy and material flows. Conceptual and methodological papers are welcomed as well as case studies which are dedicated to striking examples and providing transferable knowledge and solutions.
    • New urban–rural imaginaries to support equity in living conditions
    • Robust regional systems coping with climate change and extreme events
    • Regional governance approaches
    •  Integrated land-use management
    • Urban–rural metabolism and circular economy


Special Issue “Stadt-Land-Partnerschaften | Urban-Rural Partnerships” at Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning

  • Welcomes English and German contributions
  • Scope:
    • Case studies on urban-rural partnerships, land cycles, material and food cycles.
    • Conceptual or empirical work and case studies on spatial implications of urban-rural partnerships.
    • Conceptual considerations for the optimization of organizational forms, planning processes or value chains in the urban-rural nexus.
    • Contributions on practical recommendations for sustainable regional planning, with special attention to urban-rural linkages.
    • Contributions on methodological issues, including the development of indicators (e.g. on regional justice, regional equality, urban-rural sustainability).

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